Monday, November 4, 2013

1970's 29' Yellowstone Capri Travel Trailer

We were recently given this big ugly trailer...hence the nickname of "Big Ugly".  The plan is to restore it & give it a permanent home on my parents property, for us to use as a cottage.

The owners of this trailer were going to burn it.  It really stunk!  We (& my parents) saw potential though.

The roof, underbelly & center portion (kitchen area) of the trailer are in really good shape. 

When we tested the fridge, We had all of our fingers & toes crossed, but were not going to hold out breath.

What a bonus to have a perfectly operating fridge & stove!  The kitchen cupboards are in great shape too!

The front wall & rear wall will both have to be replaced, along with part of the side walls.  
The ceiling & floor seem to be in good shape.

Grandpa taped up all of the holes until spring when we can start to work on her

We filled the tires to take her for a 1 hour drive to her winter home.  It was amazing that they are all in good shape!  Also amazing, that the lights all worked!!  Signals,!

This old girl seems to like us!

Friday, November 1, 2013

New (Old) Cast Iron Waffle Iron, made by: James Smart Mfg. Company Brockville Ontario

I am going to restore this baby up as good as new!  Canadian made, "James Smart Mfg. Company, Brockville Ontario" - really old, but I am not sure how old.


This waffle iron was hard to clean.  I sprayed it with oven cleaner 3 times, & let it sit for a couple of days each time.  A whole spray can, emptied.  So, because I ran out, I quit!  I scrubbed with a wire brush, & steel wool.  This is not a perfect restore by any means, but it is better than it was when I got it.  Maybe I will try again someday soon.  Regardless, I can't wait to use it.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New Logo for the Vintage "Triple E" Trailer

I made her a new vinyl logo with my Cricut.

I am pretty happy that it turned almost identical to the original.
I added the "1970".

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Finally! We bought a little vintage trailer!

We are so excited!!!
I don't even know what it is...We pick it up tomorrow.  I think it may be a 14' Aristocrat Lo-Liner??
The owner said it was too low to take it rustic camping, so he lifted it.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The hunt continues....................

This was a post on my other blog a couple of years ago.  I was just thinking how not much has changed...Check it out.

This one is a '70's Glendale 20ft.  The outside is pretty good for its age,
but the inside needs work.  (Which really, is what we are looking for)

Nice Chandilier!!!   lol

  • leak in the roof (they all do at this age)
  • ceiling caving in (and someone started to fix it, but thankfully stopped - not pretty!
  • dirty
  • floor in front of the door is rotten
  • step needs welding
  • top bunk is on an angle - needs re braced
  • 1 known leaky window
  • good name
  • double axle and seems to sit nice & high
  • larger than we had hoped
  • outside in decent shape
  • leaks can be fixed
  • we can clean and even paint or reface
  • sleeps 6
  • lots of storage
  • takes full size car tires
  • fibreglass corner moldings on the exterior
  • has awning - did not see the canvas opened, but the mechanism seemed good

FULL BATHROOM!!!!!!!!Shower / tub to the right - Comes complete with a fly strip at no extra cost!!
Hmmm, it wasn't jumping out at me, but now that I have the pros & cons may not be a bad deal for $800...hmmmmm

I think in my brain, I was really hoping for a "cutsie" canned ham, or even a toaster!  We will see.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Aubrey Lake - Our favourite place for Rustic Camping

This place is quiet, & beautiful:

 photo P1110555_zps36c1586c.jpg

 photo P1110554_zps09357cee.jpg
Aubrey Lake

 photo P1110553_zpsa49f3819.jpg
The cooking fire pit

 photo P1110549_zps89b5620b.jpg
Happy Canada Day!!!
 photo P1110552_zps27014de0.jpg
The camp site

 photo P1110545_zpsc4bc1773.jpg
Cooking a Canadian breakfast on the fire 
 photo P1110544_zps937a8c3e.jpg
Canadian Breakfast
 photo P1110530_zps2a11a9bf.jpg
In the Canadian lake
 photo P1110529_zpse06adb19.jpg
the Canadian view
 photo P1110524_zps7864dfcd.jpg
 Canadian frog...
 photo P1110522_zps681a2f6d.jpg
Canadian Bath day!
 photo P1110487_zps3e857807.jpg
Went for a hike
 photo P1110485_zpsc87e3fe8.jpg
In the tent
 photo P1110484_zpsb42a071c.jpg
The Canadian boys
 photo P1110483_zpscce62236.jpg
The best popcorn we EVER had - in the new dutch oven on the campfire!
 photo P1110477_zpsfc41cefe.jpg
The site
 photo P1110476_zpsa6fab895.jpg
The Canadian facilities
 photo P1110473_zpsa09dd6da.jpg
The island across from us
 photo P1110471_zpse0f8c7d3.jpg
The MASSIVE tent
 photo P1110469_zpse87ccf9b.jpg
Happy Canadian kid! :)
 photo P1110467_zpsdb891109.jpg
More happy Canadians :)
 photo P1110463_zps416d8026.jpg
What a view
 photo P1110462_zps5084c575.jpg
Newfie Golf
 photo P1110460_zps9480592a.jpg
More happy Canadians :)
 photo P1110459_zps5ca10b30.jpg
Always happy :)
 photo P1110457_zpsfc93bb5e.jpg
& there is Sophie with Boy Canada #2
 photo P1110451_zps969c8874.jpg
Mr Canada is pretty proud of his light post - made with battery operated lights & a pole stuck in the truck above the Chuck Box
 photo P1110450_zpse4e48694.jpg
Chin Up
 photo P1110449_zpse68af022.jpg
Canadian Widdler
 photo P1110448_zps8acafdb7.jpg
No need to change out of your PJ's!
 photo P1110446_zpscca72cb7.jpg
Happy Canada Day
 photo P1110445_zpsfa69112b.jpg
OMG, can you see the mosquitoes?? - thankfully outside of the tent.
 photo P1110442_zps09f18b4c.jpg
A little evening chill - & mosquito time!
 photo P1110441_zpse34f2ac4.jpg
 photo P1110440_zps5b67d06a.jpg