Friday, September 20, 2013

Aubrey Lake - Our favourite place for Rustic Camping

This place is quiet, & beautiful:

 photo P1110555_zps36c1586c.jpg

 photo P1110554_zps09357cee.jpg
Aubrey Lake

 photo P1110553_zpsa49f3819.jpg
The cooking fire pit

 photo P1110549_zps89b5620b.jpg
Happy Canada Day!!!
 photo P1110552_zps27014de0.jpg
The camp site

 photo P1110545_zpsc4bc1773.jpg
Cooking a Canadian breakfast on the fire 
 photo P1110544_zps937a8c3e.jpg
Canadian Breakfast
 photo P1110530_zps2a11a9bf.jpg
In the Canadian lake
 photo P1110529_zpse06adb19.jpg
the Canadian view
 photo P1110524_zps7864dfcd.jpg
 Canadian frog...
 photo P1110522_zps681a2f6d.jpg
Canadian Bath day!
 photo P1110487_zps3e857807.jpg
Went for a hike
 photo P1110485_zpsc87e3fe8.jpg
In the tent
 photo P1110484_zpsb42a071c.jpg
The Canadian boys
 photo P1110483_zpscce62236.jpg
The best popcorn we EVER had - in the new dutch oven on the campfire!
 photo P1110477_zpsfc41cefe.jpg
The site
 photo P1110476_zpsa6fab895.jpg
The Canadian facilities
 photo P1110473_zpsa09dd6da.jpg
The island across from us
 photo P1110471_zpse0f8c7d3.jpg
The MASSIVE tent
 photo P1110469_zpse87ccf9b.jpg
Happy Canadian kid! :)
 photo P1110467_zpsdb891109.jpg
More happy Canadians :)
 photo P1110463_zps416d8026.jpg
What a view
 photo P1110462_zps5084c575.jpg
Newfie Golf
 photo P1110460_zps9480592a.jpg
More happy Canadians :)
 photo P1110459_zps5ca10b30.jpg
Always happy :)
 photo P1110457_zpsfc93bb5e.jpg
& there is Sophie with Boy Canada #2
 photo P1110451_zps969c8874.jpg
Mr Canada is pretty proud of his light post - made with battery operated lights & a pole stuck in the truck above the Chuck Box
 photo P1110450_zpse4e48694.jpg
Chin Up
 photo P1110449_zpse68af022.jpg
Canadian Widdler
 photo P1110448_zps8acafdb7.jpg
No need to change out of your PJ's!
 photo P1110446_zpscca72cb7.jpg
Happy Canada Day
 photo P1110445_zpsfa69112b.jpg
OMG, can you see the mosquitoes?? - thankfully outside of the tent.
 photo P1110442_zps09f18b4c.jpg
A little evening chill - & mosquito time!
 photo P1110441_zpse34f2ac4.jpg
 photo P1110440_zps5b67d06a.jpg

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