Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pembroke & Pettawawa

My parents go to Pembroke every year for a Fiddle Festival...but it is so much more than that!  It is 3000 people camping in a soccer field, packed in like sardines, enjoying 10 days of all different kinds of music. Guitar picking, bluegrass, country modern & old, step dancing, etc. We went with them several years ago, & it really surprised us how much we enjoyed ourselves.    This year we decided to go again.  We drove 8.5 hours, set up camp (tent) & went to bed.  The next day we went to the Military Museum in Pettawawa, but on our way we saw these: (excuse the gazillion photos)

T@B Teardrop Travel Trailers

OMG, OMG, OMG....I WANT one!!

1 minor problem...we have 2 boys - big boys!

So pretty :)

a little too tiny...

No kitchen...

Too boy-ish...

Super Cute, but still only sleeps 2.....

Awesome kitchen though...

We were very impressed with the quality of these trailers.

Outdoor shower :)

Cool fenders :)

Unfortunately, just not big enough.  Maybe after the boys are adults we will have to get one of these babys!

***Turns out we should have bought one...after being in Pembroke for around 24 hours, they got torrential downpours, & we seriously got rained out!  All of the mattresses, all of the sleeping bags, all of our clothes, EVERYTHING was soaking wet!  So we had no choice but to pack up & go home.  :( 
 No more tenting for us!!!

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