Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lodge Tall Boy Tripod, Rome's Pie Iron, & a Lodge Dutch Oven Tote

Well, it was my birthday in August..."Happy Birthday to Me"  & guess what I wanted...
YUP!  Camping stuff.  
~A simple girl, wanting a simple life :)  
I can not wait to use them!  I will post some reviews when I do.  
It might be a while from now, it is already getting cold outside.
I am hoping to use them all in October (Thanksgiving weekend)

I got a Lodge Tall Boy Tripod:  Yippee!!
It seems pretty tough, & worth the price

A Lodge Dutch Oven Tote: Horray!!
I have used this a couple of times & it is great!

and a Rome's Cast Iron Pie Iron:  Yeee Hahhh!
The kids are going to have a blast with this!  I should have bought 2 of them though!

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