Monday, July 8, 2013

Homemade Chuck Box

A "must have" item for any camper, especially when you are tenting, is a "Chuck Box".

We had an old homemade tool chest, that wasn't being used, that I thought would be perfect for the job.
I gave it a couple of coats of exterior paint & some vinyl décor. (thanks to my Cricut, the "Old West" Cricut cartridge, & some white vinyl)
Then we just loaded it up!

Under the top lid fits the Coleman stove, a small propane bottle, a BBQ lighter & the "welding gloves" .
(we use for oven mitts)
This box has a flip down front - perfect for a counter top - & 3 drawers.

The bottom drawer has the toaster, a cutting board, 2 cast iron pans & BBQ tools.

The middle drawer was perfect for the plastic dishes & all of the cutlery & misc. cooking utensils
in the divided sections.

The top drawer also had divided sections, to fit the wraps, spices, dish cloths, grater, & cook books.

On a rating out of 10, we give this a BIG 9!!
Loosing 1 point for how SUPER heavy it is.  :(
It worked for us because we kept it on the tailgate all weekend.  Perfect!

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