Sunday, March 23, 2014

Homemade Maple Sugar

I took about 3 cups of last years maple syrup for my 1st attempt to make Maple Sugar.
I watched several YouTube videos on how to do it, 
so I felt confident enough to call myself a "YouTube Pro"!
Basically I just put it into a pan, brought it to a boil & kept it at a low boil being extra careful not to burn it.
I stirred constantly for about an hour, until it got thicker,

& thicker

& thicker

Until I couldn't stir it anymore.

I spread the finished sugar on a cookie sheet to cool, and crumbled the large pieces using a pastry blender.

After it cooled I put it in my Bullet blender, about 3/4 cup at a time.

I didn't think of it until later but I could have left it chunky & put it in an old salt or pepper grinder.
It surprised me that 3 cups of syrup made about 3 cups of sugar.  
With all of the reducing of the syrup I thought it would end up being less than what I started with.

I will use this in my coffee, on cereal, in baking or in any recipe that calls for regular white sugar.

I really like maple shortbread cookies...mmmm!

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