Wednesday, October 14, 2015

1935 Findlay Wood / Coal Cook Stove

I am excited beyond belief.  I recently made a premature purchase for the camp (cottage) that we have not even built yet.  I have always wanted a wood cook stove, but was picturing one a bit bigger than this....but it will do.  We paid $120.00 on an online auction!  I feel like we stole it from the previous owner.  It needed a bit of restoration, but only took me a couple of hours.

 I spray painted the stove with semi-gloss high heat black paint - but left the doors alone,(just scrubbed them up) and did NOT paint the top at all.  On the top, I scrubbed with steel wool & vinegar, then neutralized with baking soda, then started a fire & seasoned with lard (I rendered myself). Pretty much the same process as I would do a cast iron pan. It smokes a lot, so I am glad I did this outside. I think I did about 20 layers of seasoning.

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